Backflow Prevention

A water distribution system is designed to allow water to travel in one direction from the treatment plant to the customer. Under certain conditions, water can flow in the opposite direction from the normal flow. This process is known as backflow and causes harmful contaminants to mix with drinking water, potentially threatening the safety and quality of the water supply. Backflow prevention devices keep non-potable water from flowing backwards toward a potable (drinking) water source.


Mandatory regulations require that steps are taken to ensure that water delivered to homes or businesses remains clean and safe. To address this, approved backflow prevention devices are required for commercial customers connecting to the Town of Princeton water utility. The customer is responsible for installation and maintenance of the device. Testing of the backflow devices is required annually to ensure devices are being maintained properly and is inspected by a Town of Princeton approved certified tester. Customers are responsible for paying the fee for this test. The current rate is $52.00 per device.