Annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

Basic Information

EPA requires community water systems to deliver a Consumer Confidence Report, also known as an annual drinking water quality report, to their customers. These reports provide Americans information about their local drinking water quality.

When does my water report get sent to me?

Reports must be sent by your water supplier each year by July 1.

If I did not receive my report, how do I get a copy?

You can either call your local water supplier or you may also find your report using EPA's CCR search tool.  

What type of information is in the report?

  • The lake, river, aquifer, or other source of the drinking water;
  • A brief summary of the risk of contamination of the local drinking water source;
  • The regulated contaminant found in local drinking water;
  • The potential health effects of any contaminant detected in violation of an EPA health standard;
  • An accounting of the system's actions to restore safe drinking water;
  • An educational statement for vulnerable populations about avoiding Cryptosporidium;
  • Educational information on nitrate, arsenic, or lead in areas where these contaminants may be a concern;
  • Phone numbers of additional sources of information, including the water system;
  • EPA's Safe Drinking Water Hotline number 1-800-426-4791.
You can access the Town of Princeton's most recent CCRs by clicking the link below to review the reports. Paper copies are available upon request.  Call 919-936-8171 for more information.