Princeton Town Hall

Town of Princeton, North Carolina

The Town of Princeton operates under the Mayor Council form of government with a Mayor elected every two years and four Commissioners elected every four years on staggered terms.  Nonpartisan and at-large elections are held bi-annually on the first Tuesday in November of odd-numbered years for the Mayor and two Commissioner seats.  Persons interested in running for election can file with the Johnston County Board of Elections during a filing period normally held in July of each election year.
The Mayor is recognized as the head of Princeton government and is usually its spokesperson.  He or she presides at meetings of the Town Board of Commissioners, is the Town’s representative for ceremonial purposes and has whatever other powers and duties the Town Board of Commissioners assigns.  The Mayor has the right to vote on Town Board of Commissioner matters only when there is a tie vote.
An organizational meeting is held during the first regularly scheduled meeting in December following certification of election results at which newly elected and re-elected officials take an oath of office.  At this meeting, the Town Board of Commissions appoints a mayor pro tempore to preside over its meetings or fulfill the other duties of Mayor when he or she is either absent or incapacitated.  The Mayor assigns each of the four Commissioners to oversee one of four major areas of government functions:  General Services, Police, Public Works:  Streets & Highways and Public Works:  Water & Sewer/Parks & Recreation.
The first African American Commissioner, Walter Martin, Jr., took office in December 1999.  
The Princeton Board of Commissioners created the position of Town Administrator in 2007 to serve as chief administrative official and centralize administrative functions.  The first ever Princeton Town Administrator was sworn in on June 29, 2007.

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