Zoning Ordinance Updates

On the evening of February 6, 2023, the Town of Princeton Board of Commissioners met at its regularly scheduled meeting and successively approved the following amendments to the Zoning Ordinances as recommended by the Planning Board:

  • Additions
    1. Electronic Gaming Operations/Internet Sweepstakes/Gaming Facilities
    2. Panhandling

The additions are as follows:

  • Electronic Gaming Operations/Internet Sweepstakes/Gaming Facilities: means any business enterprise, whether as a principal or accessory use, where persons utilize electronic machines, electronic tables, including but not limited to computers and gaming terminals (collectively “the machines”) to conduct games of chance, including sweepstakes, and where cash, merchandise, or other items of value are redeemed or otherwise distributed, whether or not the value of such distribution is determined by electronic games played or by predetermined odds. Electronic gaming operations may include, but are not limited to, internet cafes, internet sweepstakes, electronic gaming machines/operations, or cybercafés. This does not include any lottery approved by the State of North Carolina.
  • Commercial Use Standard: The following standards shall apply to all permitted uses, conditional uses and special uses, as set forth in the Permitted Table of Uses (Section 8.12 Table of Permitted Uses).
    1. No facility shall be located any closer than 5,280 feet from any other like facility, and no closer than 5,280 feet of a residential dwelling, child daycare, school, pre-school or church. For purposes of this section the distance shall be measured in a straight line from the closest point of the building housing the internet sweepstakes/gaming establishment and another like establishment or any of the other aforementioned uses.
    2. There shall be no more than one electronic gaming operations establishment on the same lot or property or in the same building, structure or portion thereof and no other principal or accessory use may occupy the same building or structure or portion thereof as an electronic gaming operations establishment.
    3. No screens, curtains, blinds, partitions or other obstruction shall be placed between the entrance to the room where electronic gaming operations occur and the rear wall of such room so that a clear view of the interior may not be had from the entrance to the room.
    4. On premise alcohol sales and consumption shall be prohibited.
    5. No person under the age of 18 years shall be permitted within any such facility.
    6. The number of gaming machines shall be calculated at 1 machine per 200 square feet of gross floor area, not including restrooms, storage closets, mechanical rooms, and unheated uninhabitable space, to a maximum of 10 machines for any one establishment.
    7. Off-street parking shall be required at 1.0 space per internet/gaming terminals.
    8. Establishments shall operate between the hours of 12:00pm – 10:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday only. Operations shall be closed on all major Federal holidays. No operations are allowed on Sunday.
    9. Facilities may be subject to additional conditions as deemed necessary by the governing boards of the Town of Princeton as part of the special use approval process.
  • Amusement Center/Video Games. Any indoor place that contains (2) two but no more than (4) four video game amusement devices, including but not limited to arcade and/or pinball games, for enjoyment for the public amusement, patronage and recreation typically catering to kids, teens and young adults. These games do not award prizes other than “top score” of the machine or small “claw operated” awards such as balls, stuffed animals and/or such like kid items. Such games are Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Pin-Ball and such like games. This does not include any lottery approved by the State of North Carolina.

Adopted February 6, 2023


  • Panhandling
    • Definitions. Panhandling, Begging
      1. Continuing to solicit in close proximity to the individual addressed after the person to whom the solicitation is directed has made a negative response, either verbally, by physical sign, by attempting to leave the presence of the person soliciting, or by other negative indication;
      2. Blocking the passage of the individual solicited; or
      3. Otherwise engaging in conduct that could reasonably be construed as intending to compel or force a person to accede to a solicitation. 
  • Prohibited acts.

It shall be unlawful for any person to beg, solicit, or panhandle, as defined in subsection (A), above:

      1. By accosting another, or by forcing oneself upon the company of another;
      2. Within 500 feet of any financial institution;
      3. Within 50 feet of any bus stop, train station, or taxi stand;
      4. Within 500 feet of any commercial establishment which is open for business;
      5. While the person being solicited is standing in line waiting to be admitted to a commercial establishment;
      6. By touching the person being solicited without that person's consent;
      7. By blocking the path of a person being solicited or blocking the entrance or exit to any building or vehicle;
      8. By following the person who has been solicited after that person has declined the request or walked away;
      9. By or with the use of threatening, profane, or abusive language, during the solicitation or following an unsuccessful solicitation;
      10. By or with the use of any gesture or act intended to cause a reasonable person to be fearful of the solicitor or feel compelled to accede to the solicitation;
      11. Between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.;
      12. While under the influence of alcohol or after having illegally used any controlled substance, as defined in the North Carolina Controlled Substance Act;
      13. By using false or misleading information such as stating that the donation is needed to meet a specific need which does not exist, is already met, or when the requestor already possesses the funds necessary to meet the stated need; or such as representing that the solicitor is a veteran when the requestor is in fact not a veteran of the military; By indicating that the solicitor or any member of his family suffers from a physical or mental disability when such information is false;
      14. Without having and displaying a valid Special Use Permit as required by the Town of Princeton. Fees apply.

State law reference- Authority to prohibit or regulate begging, G.S. 160A-179.

Adopted February 6, 2023


These amendments are effective February 7, 2023.