Friendly Reminder

  1. Solid Waste Ordinance
    1. The Town adopted a "Solid Waste Ordinance" years ago. However, due to the friendly nature of this Town, fees associated with this service have been largely overlooked. Due to the costs that our Town incurs for disposal of waste, it must be re-enacted unfortunately. Fees will be assessed. Please review the ordinance (HERE) and pay special attention to Section IV - Special Pick-Ups (Bulk Pick-Up) - $75/Pick-Up

  2. Zoning Permits (Application HERE)
    1. Adding a fence?   A permit is needed for that!
    2. Adding a pool?   A permit is needed for that!
    3. Adding an accessory building/structure/storage shed?   A permit is needed for that!

      Please contact our Planning & Zoning Department for assistance.