Trash & Recycling

Trash & Recycling:
Trash is scheduled for pickup every week on Wednesdays. 
Recycling is scheduled for pickup every other week on Mondays. Trash cans and recycle bins should be put out the night before to guarantee pickup. 

Trash cans and recycling bins must be placed within 24 inches of pavement or curb for pickup.  Trash and recycling will not be picked up if placed behind bushes or other places.

Materials collected in our recycling program are: Glass food and beverage containers (clear, green and brown), Plastic soft drink bottles and milk jugs, Aluminum beverage cans, & Newspapers.
Leaves, Limbs, Yard Debris:
PWD staff collects leaves and limbs on an as-needed basis. Place piles of leaves and limbs by the road for collection. Do not bag leaves. Limbs 6-10 inches in diameter should be cut in half. Any limbs larger than 10 inches in diameter will not be collected. 
Special Pickups:
PWD staff will collect household items (furniture, electronics, appliances) on an as-needed basis. Large loads may incur a fee of $85.00 per truckload. There is no need to schedule a pickup of these items; however, we do ask that you please place a work order request for pickup. 
Trash & Recycling Scheduling (Click on the image to see the schedules)